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Between amounts, dates, sources of all business revenue, gain, expense, and loss transactions, bookkeeping is the starting point of the accounting process. Having accurate financial records helps managers and business owners answer important questions.


Tax preparation for individuals is still no easy feat. Allow Kippenhan, CPA to ensure the job is done properly and error free, while you kick back and wait for the next fiscal year.

Tax Planning

Forecast your tax liability and create circumstances with ways to reduce it. Tax planning involves the analysis of your financial situation in a tax perspective with the end view of tax efficiency. Maximize your hard earned income with strong tax planning.

Financial Planning

Each year, let’s integrate tax, insurance, and investment planning into a comprehensive plan that helps individuals and families alike, strategically maximize their assets to reach their financial goals.

Payroll Services

Your business has grown. You now have employees that you need to pay. Let’s simplify this process with professionally done payroll services that will make you and your employees happy.


Do you keep your own records on QuickBooks or a similar software? Great- let’s use that as starting point to even further improve the financial future of your household or business.

Financial Statement

Your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement need to be strategically analyzed to ensure your financials are on the right track.

Business Tax Returns

Business tax returns report information about a company's income, tax deductions, and tax payments. All businesses are responsible for business tax filing.

Out of State Tax Filing

With the seemingly endless variables and pieces to completing the tax process, save yourself the sweat and tears that come along with it.

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